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A TCP Series |

Youth comes in all ages and forms. We believe that being young at heart means continuing to take risks, to be open to change, to continue exploring oneself, no matter what stage in life.

TCP pieces are an ode to that step outside your comfort zone, the small nudge to try something new, and to feel confident doing so. 

There's a moment for every brand where you as the founder step back and ask yourself - “Who are we?” As I reflected on who we’ve evolved to become and what has remained the same I began to realize we weren't really capturing the entire essence of who we really are behind the screen.

Young at Heart is a series featuring our community and those young at heart, taking risks and building confidence to step outside their comfort zone in life and the way they dress.

Our hope with this series is to show a reflection of who makes us who we are.

Hawai'i Edition 001


For our very first edition of this series, we naturally turned to my home island of O'ahu. While many on the outside just identify Hawai'i with things like the beach or places like Waikiki, there is so much more to what makes growing up & living here special. While there is a lot I could unpack about my feelings for "home", which I can get into another time (haha) I cannot deny that the strong culture revolving around one's ohana or family is core to what I believe is so special about Hawai'i. Everyone is family here. This is something I will forever be grateful for as it has shaped a lot of how I live and think which inherently ingrained to how we see our community. You all are family. When we welcome you into our space, or interact with you - we hope you feel that.

I'm excited to turn your attention to 6 different profiles we decided to feature for our "Young at Heart" | Hawai'i Edition 001. Each individual really embodies everything I felt was special about Hawai'i at the same time they each had that unassuming approach to taking risks & being open to change within their lives and own craft. They are all truly young at heart.

We'll be linking each profile below as they're featured. 


Last but not least... Thank you to the amazing team that helped make this shoot happen. Two local creatives that are making cool things happen on the island.

Brandyn Liu - Photographer (& all around one of the most humble photographers I've worked with)
Aja Toscano - Producer (& honestly she stepped in to assist with so much more, she can do anything).

 Cheers to more collaborations & features with our community.

- Natasha

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