The Consistency Project Gift Card

The Consistency Project Gift Card

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From one of a kind pieces to functional everyday staples, give the gift of secondhand & rework!!

"Americans have wasted $15.2 Billion on unwanted gifts." A majority of these gifts wasted are purchased new. 43% of the unwanted gifts are within the clothing and accessories category. This doesn't have to happen!!

We hope to go against this statistic and make clothing & accessories a gift someone will love and cherish, all while diverting waste! A gift card can help someone invest in pieces they will actually wear. From our custom rework pants to our city bags to our Stan Ray pants, we will help them find something perfect (and secondhand).

Choose TCP to make an impact, even through gift card. ;)


Gift cards can be used online or at our in-person studio appointments.

Gift cards do not expire. <3