The Consistency Project is an experiment in new American workwear and lifestyle through secondhand, rework, and experiential retail. TCP is part multi-disciplinary retail shop and part call to action to examine our ways we engage with clothing and beyond. We are dedicated to bringing new life to solely reclaimed and pre-existing garments in our effort to rework and consume with purpose. 

Beyond our retail space, we host personalized one on one full service pant fittings to provide an inclusive and comfortable experience to shopping vintage pants. We also recently launched a new concept called "Seconds" where we work with brands on their returns, misproductions, samples, and excess inventory from past seasons and provide an alternative option to keep these items out of landfill.

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Based in New York with roots in Hawai’i


Natasha Halesworth is the founder of The Consistency Project with a shop based in New York City. Growing up in Hawai'i, she spent most days at the mall where her parents owned a one hour photo shop and local candy store. It is from her immigrant Filipino-Chinese father and adopted Korean-American mother that she understood the value of hard work and dedication. TCP began as a passion project that turned into an experiential shop that reimagines how we engage with secondhand.