‘Every Body Changes’ - Buy Back Credit Program


Have you purchased a pair of  Stan Rays or vintage Levis from The Consistency Project that no longer fits your body, your personal taste, or lifestyle comfortably?

We’re serving up a new buy-back credit program called “Every Body Changes”’ to give you another chance at your perfect pants while keeping your pair sustainably circulated within our TCP community. 




  • Book an appointment for our private pant fitting experience.
  • Bring in your (clean) pairs of Stan Rays or vintage Levis purchased from The Consistency Project for an in-store evaluation during your appointment and any buy-back credit can be applied to a new pair we have available at the shop!
  • We will offer you anywhere from $20-50 in store credit through a grading system depending on their condition, if they’ve been altered and if they’re in need of repair.



  • This is currently just offered in-person through our shop. We hope to expand it once we get more experience and learnings under our belt.
  • While this program was designed for only vintage pairs of pants, we are open to chatting about any TCP Rework pairs! Feel free to start the conversation via email - shop@theconsistencyproject.com.
  • The credit/exchange will need to happen the same day. In the rare case we can't find a new pair for you, we'll ask you to hang onto your old pair till we source a new pair just for you.
  • Still have questions? Email us - shop@theconsistencyproject.com


We're really excited about this program as we’ll be able to take your stained, unwearable pants to rework into new pairs and offer your unwanted pairs in great condition to offer to our community at a more affordable price. 

Hoping our "Every Body Changes" program serves its purpose of helping our planet and helping you to live + dress more sustainably.