Policies & FAQs


How is shipping calculated?
Shipping is based on weight for your entire order to give you the most accurate pricing.

Are your shipping materials recyclable?
Yes! We only source recyclable materials to pack and ship your order. From secondhand boxes to kraft mailers to USPS boxes, we use them all. We also try to avoid any plastics even if they may be recyclable.

Please make sure to recycle your shipping materials after your order. :)

How long does it take to ship my order?
Please allow 3 - 4 business days to process, pack and ship your order. Depending on where you're located items can take up to 7 days to arrive.

I live in the area, can I order an item online and pick it up in person?
At this time we only ship products. Thanks for your understanding!


What is your return policy?

Vintage: Unfortunately we no longer accept returns for our vintage items. Please make sure to ask us any questions needed (DM us for the quickest response) to make sure you're confident with your purchase. 

Rework: For our rework, if there's something that isn't fitting right, please let us know! This is new for us so we'd love to hear your feedback and see how we can help.

Masks: For masks, if something isn't fitting right we are happy to send you a replacement (if still in stock or something similar) or send additional tie or elastic. <3

Questions or concerns for your order? We can be reached at


Do you have a sizing guide for your reworked collections?

Knit Tops (Womenswear):

  • XS - Bust 32"
  • S - Bust 35"
  • M - 37"
  • L - 39"
  • XL - 41"

Knit Bottoms (Womenswear):

  • XS - Waist 24" to 26", Hips - Up to 38"
  • S - Waist 27" to 29", Hips - Up to 40"
  • M - Waist 29" to 32", Hips - Up to 42"
  • L - Waist 32" - 34", Hips - Up to 46"
  • XL - Waist 34" - 38", Hips - Up to 50"
  • 2XL - Waist 38" - 42", Hips - Up to 52" OR some items can be custom to your measurements
  • 3XL & up - Custom to your measurements, please email or DM us!

Reworked Bottoms:

  • XS - Waist 24" to 26", Hips - Up to 37"
  • S - Waist 27" to 29", Hips - Up to 39"
  • M - Waist 29" to 32", Hips - Up to 40"
  • L - Waist 32" - 34", Hips - Up to 42"
  • XL - Waist 34" - 38", Hips - Up to 46"
  • 2XL - Waist 38" - 42", Hips - Up to 50" OR some items can be custom to your measurements.
  • 3XL and up - Custom to your measurements, please email or DM us!

I don't see my size in your rework collections, will this change?

If you don't see your size please let us know! Anything that is beyond the range we provide will be made to order so we can customize it to fit just for you. Please contact us at to get the conversation started. 

I'm trying to buy vintage denim. Is a waist measurement the same thing as my "size"?

Particularly with vintage denim, sizing can be tricky. Because vintage denim does not have any stretch, you normally need to account for several inches of 'breathing' room to accommodate any movement in the denim. Nowadays a size 28 may actually measure out to a 30" waist especially if there is stretch.  Therefore you may fit a size 28 in a modern pair of denim, but you may actually have a 30" waist which the stretch accommodates for.

There are different ways of wearing vintage denim. You can go for a more loose fitting look or a more fitted look. This will also help you determine which "waist" size you should get.

Main thing to remember is that you normally need to size up as vintage denim does NOT have ANY stretch. So in case you want to breath or move around, you'll need an inch or two of room.

Do you list unisex sizing or women's sizing?
Sizing will be listed as unisex and if not, assume it is women's sizing. The best way to get a sense of what will work for you is by looking at the measurements. We always encourage everyone to know their measurements!


Do you ever offer any promos or discounts?
Yes! To be the first know, sign up for our newsletter. You can also follow us on our instagram.

I have a question about my order. How do I contact you?

You can reach us at Please make sure to provide your name and order number so we can expedite a resolution or answer.
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