Roland Longstreet | "Young at Heart" | Hawai'i Edition 001

Roland Longstreet | "Young at Heart" | Hawai'i Edition 001

Roland Longstreet |

A painter and sculptor based here in Honolulu, HI but also one of the most nicest, humble, and talented individuals I was lucky enough to meet very early on into my return back to the islands. His artwork has a sort of juxtaposition to it with a blend of simplicity and complexity at the same time. I like to think TCP can be seen in the same way.

I met Roland at my very first pop-up at Art & Flea back in December 2020 when he asked me about getting a pair of rework pants for his partner Aja as she was very much excited about our checkered pants but couldn't make it to the market. I was like wow - what a nice partner... wanting to gift TCP ;)!! After some back and forth on which pant might work, we settled on a gift card (which she later customized her own pair yay). At that moment I didn't know too much about him (or Aja who actually produced this shoot for us!), but I was grateful for this interaction which led me to get to know him over time.


After several pop-ups and interactions, I remember when he was finally inspired to take the plunge into the Stan Ray Painter Pant world for himself which I thought was funny (& cool!) as he was actually a painter ;). His first pair was of course the classic cream painter pant which I secretly hope will be covered in paint over time. I'd like to think his first TCP purchase for himself helped him explore a different way to style himself (functionally). But this is not confirmed... can you confirm, Roland? ;)

For the shoot we styled him in a cream & white checkered pant from our Rework Collection (also customize your own pair in our studio) which I felt was another step outside his normal style, yet still encompassed a fun, "youthful" side that I knew he has in him. At the end of the shoot, he was like... I would definitely buy these.


He represents a lot of our customers... our community. Where each purchase is one step outside of their norm yet still encompasses who they are as individuals and creatives.

Below is a short video of how Roland continues to step outside his comfort zone. 

You can also learn more about Roland's amazing work here & here

Thank you Roland for being one of the first friendly faces I've met through TCP back here in Hawai'i and for continually stepping outside your comfort zone and pushing your own limits. ❤️

- Natasha

 Photography by Brandyn Liu

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