Karlo and Maria Bello | "Young at Heart" | Hawai'i Edition 001

Karlo and Maria Bello | "Young at Heart" | Hawai'i Edition 001

Karlo and Maria Bello | 


I met Karlo for the first time through another local creative who moved back home from NY (Mitch!). Karlo had also moved from New York back home to Hawai'i to be closer to family and this was something I resonated with. Obviously I wasn't the only person from Hawai'i living in NYC but it was kind of comforting to meet and connect with others who made the jump back home especially between two state/cities that are so different and at opposite ends of the country haha. 

Karlo is a textile designer but also co-founder of BUBBLE_T where queer asianz ruleeeeeee. I mean... Amazing. But all that aside, enter Maria, his mother! A true beam of style and grace... Watching their interaction and energy together, I was really just reminded that much of who we are today can be determined by who came before us. I was grateful to have these two generations comes together and styled in TCP no less.

Karlo is wearing our straight leg denim patchwork pant which can be customized in our NY studio OR we have a range of ready to purchase pairs. We styled it with one of our first rework designs, a button down shirt made from the coolest vintage textile. We're excited to bring back a revised version of the TCP button down shirt which will be coming back later this year. Maria is wearing our patchwork elastic waist shorts and matching TCP button down. Who said you can't match your mom & look good doing it? ;) 

Below is a video clip of Karlo and Maria telling us how they step outside their comfort zone.

Thank you Karlo and Maria for being part of this series and sharing your amazing energy with TCP.


Photography by Brandyn Liu


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