Amelia, Brandon & Nuno | "Young at Heart" | Hawai'i Edition 001

Amelia, Brandon & Nuno | "Young at Heart" | Hawai'i Edition 001

Amelia, Brandon & Nuno | 

I've always envisioned TCP to be a community that can involve an entire family. From the little ones to the parent figures... we would have something for everyone that supported the somewhat chaotic lifestyle of family dynamics while still allowing for some level of creative expression, function and comfort.

I was excited to have Amelia, Brandon and Nuno as part of this series as I saw that they represented a lot of the families we've gotten to meet through TCP. Amelia and Brandon are both creatives and artists based here in Hawai'i. Amelia runs her own small business under her namesake brand designing and crafting small batch accessories while Brandon is a freelance photographer and educator while also working at the Mayor’s Office of Culture and the Arts here in Honolulu as a Conversation Technician. 

Like a lot of creatives they were on the mainland (what us locals call all the other states as a whole haha) for a while before coming back home with their newest addition, Nuno which was similar to what I had done with my family during the pandemic. Balancing one's creative endeavors, small business, jobs and more can be overwhelming while raising a little one which I can definitely speak from experience, but meeting them I loved the raw and pure energy they shared amongst each other as a family even during these unpredictable times. It always feels great to connect with other parents, especially creatives with small businesses as sometimes I question - "What am I doing?!"

Amelia is styled in our latest TCP elastic waist shorts in a fun color pattern block style while Brandon rocks our classic black Stan Ray painter pants. Nuno, of course was the star of the shoot in his TCP Mini patchwork pants

Below you'll find a video of Amelia and Brandon speaking to how they continue on the journey of self exploration as parents.

Thank you Amelia, Brandon and Nuno for spending the day with us and sharing a vulnerability of parenting and creative expression that I very much connected with.



Photography by Brandyn Liu 
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