FAQs - Pant Fitting Appointments

 Is there a particular style or type of vintage you carry?

Our shop holds a variety of secondhand clothing specializing in new American workwear and reimagined classics. You’ll find everything from vintage to deadstock to designer. We definitely have a thing for pants. We offer a diverse pant collection whether reworked or vintage, with sizes ranging  from 22”- 40”+ waist measurements. Our goal is to accommodate all body shapes, ages and personalities across the spectrum - whether you’re more traditional or a non-conformist! We also have an assortment of secondhand and reworked clothing in kids sizes for your mini loved ones. 

Can I bring someone to my appointment?

Each appointment allows one extra person to join you so feel free to bring along your favorite sustainability-lover, your parent or friend that might’ve had trouble in the past when shopping for secondhand clothing. 

What’s the experience like?

While the structure of each shopping appointment is the same, each of our TCP customers leaves with a different, personalized experience! Depending on what you want to shop for during your appointment, your shopping experience can truly be a “choose your own” adventure.

~ If you’re coming to shop Levis/Stan Rays, you can expect to:

  • Be personally fitted for vintage denim and painter pants  by a member of the TCP Team based on your specific size and preferences
  • Experiment with different styles, washes and colors of authentic Levis and Painter Pants
  • Learn tips and tricks for shopping vintage denim based on your measurements

    ~ If you’re coming to shop vintage, you can expect to

    • Explore and try on timeless garments from your favorite and undiscovered vintage clothing brands
    • Check out an assortment of secondhand exclusive to in-store shoppers
    • A non-pretentious and easy going vibe as you explore and shop!

    What should I expect from this experience? I’ve never done a shopping appointment like this before.

    Almost every shopper arrives at their first pant fitting appointment with thoughts like “What will happen during my shopping appointment” and “How am I supposed to find a pair of vintage pants that fit me perfectly?” – unsure of what to expect. For any negative expectations or worries you might have, we encourage leaving them at the door and letting our team take care of the rest! 

    What you can expect is something completely different from a traditional secondhand shopping experience. If this is your first time shopping secondhand and vintage clothing, you’re in for a treat! We’re excited to set a foundation/lay the groundwork for the optimism, encouragement and honesty you deserve to experience when shopping at a brand or retail store. 

    We’re redefining what it feels like to shop secondhand by providing an intimate and judgment-free setting and revolutionizing shopping for vintage pants in a world where modern sizing can distort or alter perceptions we have of our bodies. 

    I’m specifically looking for pants and normally have a lot of trouble finding pairs that fit. How will you help me?

    Anticipate our team grabbing a few different styles (based on your body type) and sizes (based on your measurements) that we think would look great and fit well on you. You can even expect to explore styles that you wouldn’t normally gravitate towards! We do our best to help our customers see things from a fresh perspective, learn more about their body type and try things outside of their comfort zones without ever compromising comfort and function. We like to call the pant fitting experience a fun journey of exploration.

    We also have added extra layers of personalized service like customizing hems and adding darts at the waist to help create a more ideal fit so they’re ready to wear with no additional effort on your end. We believe this further separates our small business from other vintage and secondhand brands in ways that benefit both our customers and the planet. 

    Do these appointments cost anything?

    To book your appointment, reserve one of the available slots through our booking website! There is a $10 deposit to reserve your appointment at the time of booking, but this will be credited towards your sustainable purchase. Reschedule or cancel at least 8 hours before your appointment to avoid losing your deposit. 

    Our added pant services (ie. hems and darts) are already included in the prices of the pants.


    When do we usually host them?

    You can check our booking website to see the most up to date availability. We normally add appointments ~30 days in advance (not further out). Appointments are available Wed-Sat.


    What are the extra layers of service we provide compared to traditional retail?

    What makes our pant fitting appointments uniquely special experiences? Because we specialize in pants, we’d say our team’s ability to not only find the best-fitting vintage pants for you, but also our ability to customize your pants to fit your waist and height through hemming and waist-tailoring done in-house! Say goodbye 👋 to that unwanted gap at your waist and extra-long pant legs that need to be cuffed and hello to pants that fit your specific needs. 

    In addition to custom hemming, we'll also teach you about the many different styles of vintage denim and equip you with tools to shop easier for your body’s shape! Even if you don’t purchase a pair of our pants during your appointment, you’ll leave with a fresh perspective of vintage sizing and what feels good on your body (and why!). We want you to know and understand that your body is never the problem for why something doesn’t fit. ❤️