Sustainability Commitments


We are committed to sharing transparency within the products we source. As a business, it is our responsibility to share as much information on how we fill our shop. We are committed to sourcing only Secondhand, Reworked or Deadstock items that reduce the impact environmentally as well as socially. The fashion industry continues to make new items every day often at the expense of our planet and human lives while perfectly good garments get tossed into landfills. We want to show that buying and wearing secondhand can be enjoyable and relevant to one’s style needs without compromising one’s values. This is a significant factor in helping to reduce our carbon footprint.


We are committed to selling the highest quality of secondhand goods while still hoping to achieve financial accessibility for our customers! We are very selective when it comes to sourcing our garments and accessories. Choosing garments based on fiber content, tailoring and style are major factors in deciding on what we choose to sell. We want to ensure that the life span of the garment lasts beyond the point of sale. Timelessness of a garment’s style and the the ability to transition between seasons in order to offer versatility and flexibility within your wardrobe is what sustainable shopping is all about!


We are committed to our community and their shopping experience. We hope our customers understand the value in these carefully selected garments by the way we engage and share our own experiences. We are committed to proper size selection in order to ensure these garments are purchased with intention and not for the sake of shopping.


We are committed to the freedom of self expression through fashion and the accessibility of sustainable options for all! Shopping sustainable and secondhand should be a journey of exploration. We hope to present our community with a variety of curated items that will initiate the ability to experiment, create and explore their unique individual style regardless of gender or body type. 


We are committed to sharing our findings with our community. The journey of sustainable shopping has many learning opportunities and we are always finding out more. We hope to use this retail space as a platform to continue to educate ourselves and share that with all of you!