Love from past customers! ❤️


“Thanks again for such a great experience. We both had a blast! Super appreciate your body-positive mindset and all the recs! I REALLY appreciate YOU! It meant a lot to me to be encouraged to try a variety of things on. I will typically stop after trying on a few things that don’t fit well or that don’t look too great, blame my body and feel worse about myself. I have to admit that I have been wearing my jeans with major confidence and feeling great that I have found things that both fit my body AND make me feel awesome. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. I love that the fitting was done without anyone else around, this also helped me feel more at ease. I left your studio with a new appreciation for my body and some really great advice for finding my size in vintage denim! Thanks for doing what you all are doing.

- Erika (she/her), 42 years old, Curvy


“Shopping at TCP was perfect — intimate, fun, and friendly. The clothing is inspiring, the staff + Natasha are welcoming and extremely helpful, and the private shopping experience feels super luxe and personal. I left with three pairs of tailored pants that *actually* fit me. My friend joined for the appointment immediately following mine which made it all even more fun. I'd absolutely go back, can't wait to finally get a pair of wavy pants and some good summer shorts. Truly a magical place.”

- Molly (she/her), 29 years old, 25" Waist

“Shopping for jeans can often be an intimidating and stressful experience, especially if you often have a tough time finding your size or the perfect fit. If you're committed to shopping sustainably and vintage, this process can be even tougher as shops often have hundreds of pairs of pants but no rhyme or reason to how they're organized and no helping hand to support you in navigating your size. TCP understands the importance of not only creating a safe and warm environment, but also approaching your sizing and fitting journey in a methodical way that makes the experience completely painless and totally enjoyable. From start to finish, it feels like you're trying on clothes with a group of your fun friends who just happen to know a TON about clothes, fitting, and sizing and can impressively rapid fire hem and tailor your pants to make your new garments just right for you. I've found the "perfect pair" each time and always happen to learn something new along the way.”

- Simran