List of Sustainable Basics Recommended by You All!

FEBRUARY 22, 2019

Organic Basics

Who are they: Copenhagen based company focused on sustainable & better made basics. Interesting fact is they are started by 4 danish dudes… Started with men’s offerings and have since expanded to women’s and more.

What they offer: Everything from underwear to socks to tees. Mens/Womens.

Price point: $$


Who are they: Based in Boulder, CO. Male founder. All about the certified organic cotton and fair trade factories. And everything is supposed to be soft! Comfort is key.

What they offer: They offer everything from basic clothing like sweaters & tee to underwear and bras. They even have bedding! Mens/Womens/Kids/Home

Price point: $

Pachamama Knitwear

Who are they: Based in the UK with a majority of their production being village based (but doesn’t say which countries specifically). They started by trading goods from South America hence their clear aesthetic and influence from these cultures.

What they offer: Recommended for their wool socks! But you can basically get anything knitwear related. Mostly everything is patterned and colorful. Mens/Womens/Kids/Home

Price point: $$

People Tree

Who are they: Founded by Safia Minney with a focus on sustainable Fair Trade fashion. Overall a company that prides themselves in supporting local artisans, farmers and producers around the world.

What they offer: Recommended for their organic underwear! They also offer a lot of basic clothing. Just Womens.

Price point: $$

Pansy co

Who are they: Female founded. They offer the most trendy aesthetic describing their underwear as dreamy. Everything is made in CA and compostable!

What they offer: Organic underwear and some basic clothing.

Price point: $$

Arvin Goods

Who are they: Their who spiel is making the cleanest basics on the planet using recycled materials, minimal water, while eliminating waste and toxic dyes. They kind of have a sporty vibe to them. Seattle based. Male founded.

What they offer: Basics from a range of sock options to some underwear. Pretty straight forward designs. Mens/Womens.

Price point: $


Who are they: Nothing really about who is behind the brand. More about their materials, supply chain and promise. But did some digging and found that they’re female founded and even have an underwear recycling program. (Cool!!) Trying to connect with them directly on this so hopefully something can come out of it. Old underwear drive?!

What they offer: Straight to the point - organic cotton undies. Just Womens.

Price point: $


Who are they: Toronto based, female run company. They’re a lifestyle apparel brand with most materials made/sourced locally and everything made in Toronto.

What they offer: A bunch of basic apparel, but they came recommended for their socks! Particularly their Sunday Socks.

Price point: $


Who are they: LA based brand that started in 2014 with a focus on underwear and loungewear. They have a detailed page on their sustainability focus outlining all the materials they use.

What they offer: Some of the more unique, yet simple designs I’ve seen out there in the “sustainable intimates” category. From organic cotton underwear to silk bra-lettes. The color and designs options are some of my fav. But of course be ready for the higher price tag.

Price point: $$$

Note: None of this is sponsored! :) Try at your own risk and report back! ;)

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Copyright 2020 The Consistency Project